Campus Pole Fit

Pole dancing for university organizations!

We’re starting something awesome. It’s a new kind of club to invigorate your life and empower your spirit so you can survive college.

Stay fit. Have fun.

Have you ever wanted to learn pole dancing or other aerial sports? This is a great way to strengthen your body and mind. Everything you need to succeed the college experience.

Meet friends

This is a great way to meet others in such a supportive community.  When you join this community you’ll get access to others who share your passion. Whether you’re in a club or just riding solo.

Welcome to Campus Pole Fit!

This site serves to connect students at numerous universities that currently have pole or aerial clubs and helps those interested in starting a club. Here, we can plan a course of action for you an your university to create a viable and feasible pole or aerial club.

Current clubs and interested students should recognize that the support doesn’t end in their area. We are a community of dancers, performers, and athletes that are here to advocate for you, provide encourgement and assistance when faced with adversity.

Discover a new you at school

Hi, I’m Alexa.
I will show you the ropes from start to finish on how I created my club. I offer guidance to help you start your very own club with concepts such as fundraising, gaining traction with your university and its students, and designing a sustainable club all from scratch!

The journey I took for creating my club and involvement in the pole community was challenging given the isolation of my university area, but the end result has rewarded me with life experience, a potential career path, and many networks and friends.

Sharing through experience

I will share my victories and defeats as I created my club and the lessons I’ve learned from them. Now don’t get me wrong, without a problem we wouldn’t be able to learn anything. But, by sharing my learning experiences with you, we can better understand each other and our needs to create a successful club on campus.

I encourage you to connect with me to share your pole life and experiences.